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“Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza” the New Public Square

Plans for the transformation of Public Square are in the works as the Cleveland Foundation pledges $8 Million towards this project. With the help of Cleveland Foundation’s grant, the process of transforming Public Square is now looking more like a reality. The transformation will enable the city to have more visitors downtown, have an appealing look and generate more activity in Cleveland. Timothy Magaw writes in Crains Cleveland Business  magazine:

“In recognition of the foundation’s grant, the south plaza of the redesigned space will be named “Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza.”

The foundation characterized the gift as one of its “centennial legacy grants” in celebration of its 100th anniversary. The first was a $10 million commitment in September 2012 to support Case Western Reserve University’s new medical education and research building. The second was $10 million worth of grants to support a local Encore program — an effort designed to mobilize those 50 years of age and older for the betterment of their communities.

“No public space is more central to Cleveland and to Clevelanders than Public Square,” said Group Plan Commission chair Anthony J. Coyne in a news release. “With this centennial gift, the Cleveland Foundation has led the way for others in the community and made a historical commitment to transform the heart of our city for generations to come. This catalytic gift puts us in a great position to deliver the world-class public space all Clevelanders deserve.”

The commission has hired James Corner Field Operations of New York to redesign Public Square.

“More and more parks and great public spaces are becoming the calling cards of cities,” Richard Kennedy, a principal with James Corner Field Operations, told Crain’s last month. “They’ve become the primary spaces people want to visit, people want to bring their families on the weekend, the primary place people go to experience the city because they are so full of activity and life.”

The $30 million effort to overhaul the square is part of a broader $60 million effort by civic planners to entice people to spend more time downtown. A central village green would run from the square north along the spaces of the city’s central Mall to a bridge that would carry visitors to the museums along the lakefront. Cleveland and Cuyahoga County have pledged $10 million each for the pedestrian bridge, and Gov. John Kasich has offered $5 million from the state.”

To read the full article: Click Here.

It is evident that there are definitive plans taking place to increase the progression of transforming Public Square in Downtown Cleveland. We believe this progression will increase awareness in Cleveland as well as continue to enable this city to thrive for years to come.


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