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The Next National Republican Convention Could be Held in Cleveland

Ohio has always been known for being a swing-state when it comes to the Presidential Elections which is why Ohio would be a great starting point for presidential candidates for 2016. Brett  M. Decker and Van D. Hipp, from the Washington Examiner, continue to elaborate what’s to come for the Republican National Committee in 2016:

“An important factor in Cleveland’s candidacy for the 2016 Republican National Convention is its appeal and similarity to neighbors, which trend toward the right at the state level.

Despite voting for Obama in the past two cycles, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — like Ohio — have Republican majorities in both houses of their state legislatures and conservative governors.

Flipping this group for president in 2016 would gain 64 electoral votes and neutralize the Democrats’ head start in the race.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s work to cut taxes and deliver budget surpluses  has turned around an industrial state hit hard by the Great Recession of 2008.

That makes his home state a solid model for what conservative fiscal policies could achieve in Washington.

Since Abraham Lincoln in 1860, no Republican has been elected president without winning Ohio, and 2016 will be no different.

The GOP needs to show it is serious about retaking the state and the Midwest by holding its next national convention in Cleveland.”

What do you think about having the next national convention held in Cleveland? Do you think it will help the Republican candidate’s chances in gaining a popular vote from the state of Ohio?


To read the full article from The Washington Examiner Click Here.

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